The workshop was composed of 2 rounds of lectures where 14 lecturers guided the audience through their experiences whilst using ICM+ in their research and their teaching duties.

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Dr. Andriej Oshorov – ‘NCCU in Burdenko’
Andrei Oshorov from Moscow talks about ICM+ as a resource for research on the intracranial hypertension.
Prof Celeste Dias – NCCU in Porto
Celeste Dias from Porto shares her experiences about the usage of ICM+ in a Multidisciplinary Teamwork.

Dr. Shirin Kordasti – NCCU in Tromso

Shirin K Frisvold from Tromso: bedside observations with ICM+ in NCCU.

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Dr. Kristian Aquilina – Infusion tests

Kristian Aquilina from GOSH speaks about the data collected with ICM+ during infusion studies and its interpretation.

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Mr. Manuel Cabeleira – Center TBI & high resolution monitoring
Manuel talks about all the issues and solutions found when setting up and running CENTER-TBI project with ICM+ as the main data collection software.
Dr. Marcel Aries – CPPoptimal and the OGiTATE trial
Marcel Aires from Maastricht goes through the COGiTATE study: a feasibility and safety trial on CPPopt.
Dr. Shruti Agrawal -Paediatric applications and the STARSHIP trial
Shruti Agrawal from Addenbrooke’s Hospital speaks about the paediatric application of ICM+ studying the cerebrovascular dynamics in children: the STARSHIP trial.
Dr. Cristine da Costa – Neonatal application
Cristine Sortica da Costa presents the possibility of monitoring cerebrovascular reactivity in infants: use of ICM+ in neonatal intensive care.

Dr. Nico de Riva – Intraoperative monitoring

Nicolàs de Riva from Barcelona speaking about intraoperative monitoring in elective surgery: could we monitor an individualised ABPopt?

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Prof Jennifer Lee – Experimental laboratory

Jennifer Lee from John Hopkins University shows the application of ICM+ in an experimental laboratory: hypoxic brain injury of piglets.

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Prof Magda Kasprowicz – Physiological laboratory
Magdalena Kasprowicz from Wroclaw University: a lesson of calculation for biomedical engineering students.

Prof Marek Sykora – Autonomic system monitoring

Marek Sykora from Vienna : monitoring autonomic nervous system in brain injury with ICM+.

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Dr. Mypinder Sekhon – Brain monitoring after cardiac arrest

Myp Sekhon from University of British Columbia goes deep inside pathophysiology of hypoxic ischemic brain injury.

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Prof Arminas Ragauskas – Non-invasive ICP and PRx

Professor Ragauskas talks about the research being done in Vilnius where they perform Glaucoma research using non-invasive ICP measurements and non-invasive autoregulation parameters.

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Download all the lectures in a ZIP file