A very successful two-day workshop that was entirely dedicated to the exploration of the ICM+ software at various levels where almost 100 participants of all levels of experience (even prospective users) had the opportunity to learn how to use the software to its fullest. The event was held in the beautiful surrounding of Cambridge University, Homerton college.

Summary of the Workshop:

Hands-on session

The workshop offered a hands-on sessions about Multi-Modal-Monitoring. There were 3 sessions of 2 hours each where the participants were able to interact with the software in the first person.

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The workshop was composed of 2 rounds of lectures where 14 lecturers guided the audience through their experiences whilst using ICM+ in their research and their teaching duties.

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Photographic Gallery

But not everything was work! The level of networking was over 9000, new collaborations sprouted all over the place and many horizons were expanded in those 2 days

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Thank you to all participants, lecturers, collaborators and ICM+ friends for making this event a success!!!!1


Marek Czosnyka