4th ICM+ Users' Meeting, Leuven, Belgium, 2019

Dr Peter Smielewski (Cambridge, UK), director of the ICM+, keynote lecture: Reflecting on 15 years of global use of ICM+. How is it commonly used and what else could it do for you?

Dr Jennifer Lee (Baltimore, MD, USA): From piglets to (human) babies: pediatric brain hypoxia monitoring with ICM+

Dr Nicolas Joram (Nantes, France): Use of ICM+ for brain monitoring of pediatric patients on ECMO

Prof. Martin Schuhmann (Tubingen, Germany): Monitoring of CSF dynamics with ICM+

Dr Shruti Algrawi (Cambridge, UK): Pediatric ICU monitoring supported by ICM+

Prof. Marek Sykora (Vienna, Austria): Monitoring of the autonomic nervous system with ICM+

Dr Joseph Donnelly (Auckland, New Zealand): Monitoring of autoregulation limits with ICM+

Dr Xiuyun Liu (Baltimore, MD, USA): Wavelet based algorithm for autoregulation monitoring with ICM+, harnessing the power of ICM+ plugin system

Dr Erta Beqiri (Milan, Italy): Use of ICM+ for running clinical trials, experiences from the CPPopt trial COGiTATE

Mr Manuel Cabeleira (Cambridge, UK): Processing large volumes of data with ICM+ – CENTER-TBI case study

Prof. Celeste Dias (Porto, Portugal): Can we manage patients with CPPopt without COGiTATE?

Prof. Ken Brady (Chicago, IL, USA): Pediatric 3D ECG with ICM+

Dr Michał Placek (Cambridge, UK): Extending ICM+ with Python scripts with examples using CENTER-TBI data sets