Multimodal brain monitoring after TBI includes various modalities such as ICP, CPP, brain tissue oxygenation, cerebral blood flow, microdialysis, etc. Various secondary indices like PRx, autoregulation indices, and compensatory reserve index (RAP) may aid in the management of TBI patients to avoid secondary brain insults.

ICP monitoring after severe traumatic brain injury

In the hours to days after traumatic brain injury,  secondary insults to the brain contribute to poor patient outcome.  Using ICM+, it is possible to monitor some of these insults such as disturbed intracranial pressure, cerebral perfusion pressure, pressure reactivity or brain oxygenation.

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Multimodal monitoring after traumatic brain injury

ICM+ can be used to display and analyse data from patient monitors via both digital and analogue interfaces. Signals such as cerebral blood flow (Hemedex), brain tissue oxygenation and temperature (Licox), near infrared spectroscopy, end-tidal CO2 can be collected and displayed alongside arterial and intracranial pressures.

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