'ICM+ 20 Years Experience' talk will kick off the First French Cerebral Autoregulation in clinical practice meeting in Lyon, October 13th 2023

The meeting, organised by Dr Laurent Gurgle, brings together international experts and the French specialists in the clinical use of cerebral autoregulation. The purpose is to take a critical look the available technology and discuss how the information of cerebral autoregulation, particularly if available continuously at the bed-side,  can be used best to the advantage of patients’ management, both in and out of ICU.

The meeting is kindly supported by Sophysa, who will also make the recordings available after the meeting.  The link will be provided in this page.

The official programme:

Morning 10am – 12:30pm

Bedside Autoregulation (AR) monitoring: available techniques

Moderators: Pr Launey – Pr Payen

– ICM+ 20 years experience – Pr Smielewski (Cambridge)
– Moberg at the patient’s bedside – Dr Balança (Lyon)
– OptiMAP at the patient’s bedside – Dr Gergelé (St Etienne)
– Raumedic at the patient’s bedside – Dr Chabanne (Clermont)
– CPPopt – ICM+ at the patient’s bedside – Pr Dias (Porto)

Afternoon 2:30pm – 5pm

Practical use of AR: what to do with this information?

Moderators: Dr Chabanne – Dr Gergelé
– Mx, PRx what to do? who to believe? – Dr Pochard (Paris)
– AR outside the ICU – Pr Taccone (Bruxelles)
– ICM+: Cogitate and next steps – Dr Beqiri (Cambridge)
– AR in cardiac surgery – Dr Desebbe (Lyon)
– AR in pediatrics – Dr Bourgoin (Nantes)
– Does the Lassen Curve exist? – Dr Manquat (Paris)
– OptiMAP neuro project – Pr Launey (Rennes)

Conclusion Dr Laurent Gergelé – Pr Yoann Launey