ICM+ User Group meeting at ICP 2022

The 5th User Group was very succesfull and included many exciting talks from our global users across a wide range of topics.

ICM+ Workshop and User Group meeting at ICP 2022, Cape Town

An intense, full-day workshop on advanced neuromonitoring using ICM+ and a user group meeting at ICP 2022, Cape Town, 13–14 November 2022

A short, taster, ICM+ workshop at INTS 2022

ICM+ workshop on neuromonitoring data collection and analysis at INTS in Berlin, 17th July 2022.

ICM+ workshop in Wroclaw, June 2022

A full day workshop on physiological monitoring with ICM+, basic and advanced, for novices or experts.

Codman Neuro Critical Care Monitoring webinars 2020

Codman launches Webinar series on 20th of November: 'Neuro Critical Care Multimodality Monitoring - from chasing a number to chasing a cure!'

Brain Physics Lectures 2020!

The new Brain Physics lectures, delivered in June 2020 by Prof. Marek Czosnyka and Dr Peter Smielewski are now available online. They are meant for both Physicists and Clinicians alike and include all the subjects that has been researched by this group for the past nearly 3 decades!

COGiTATE trial – 3 quarters of the way

COGiTATE : Feasibility and safety of an autoregulation-based therapy in TBI – only one quarter of the target recruitment left to go!

Monitoring cerebral autoregulation in traumatic brain injury patients can provide a CPP target for which autoregulation is best preserved (CPPopt). Could this offer a precision medicine approach with advantages over the current ‘one size fits all’ strategy?