The new Brain Physics lectures, delivered in June 2020 by Prof. Marek Czosnyka and Dr Peter Smielewski are now available online. They are meant for both Physicists and Clinicians alike and include all the subjects that has been researched by this group for the past nearly 3 decades!


The new series of FREE for all lectures were delivered by Prof Marek Czosnyka, Professor of Brain Physics and Dr Peter Smielewski, the main creator of ICM+, were delivered in June 2020 to a large audience of viewers.  Particularly welcome were thousands of Chinese colleagues, both clinicians and biomedical engineers who could enjoyed the lectures with live translations by Dr Xiuyun Liu, a former PhD student of the Brain Physics Lab.  Thanks to her efforts and organisation by Delica Medical Ltd the lectures are also available to view with the Chinese commentary here:


From CSF circulation and cerebral blood flow, to patients’ bedside, Neuro ICU, CSF infusion studies, ICM+ and back, this year’s circle of lectures is here! All virtual students are invited.

See all the science behind ICM+ that will help you understand the full potential of the tool you have.


All the lectures were recorded and are now  available on the Brain Physics webpage, here.