The 5th User Group was very succesfull and included many exciting talks from our global users across a wide range of topics.

Th 5th ICM+ user group meeting took place at the start of 2022 ICP and Brain Monitoring conference in Cape Town. The meeting comprised of short talks from our users about their neuro-monitoring work, adults and paediatric, clinical and experimental, applications and methods. It turned out to be another stimulating and inspiring event and we will be posting recordings from this meeting shortly.

The final programme of the event:

Part 1 – chairs Prof Tony Figaji, Prof Ursula Rohlwink (Cape Town, South Africa)

08:30 Dr Peter Smielewski (Cambridge, U.K.): Key Note Lecture

09:00 Prof Tony Figaji (Cape Town, South Africa): “The real world impact of ICM+”

09:15 Dr Shruti Agrawal (Cambridge, U.K.): “STARSHIP, UK-wide project on monitoring cerebral autoregulation paediatric TBI”

09:30 Dr Vytautas Petkus (Kaunas, Lithuania): “Rapid optimal cerebral perfusion pressure value identification in TBI, wishful thinking or a feasible aim”

09:45 Dr Robert McNamara (Perth, Australia): “Integration of ICM+ high resolution monitoring within a real time data mining system – an overview of the AIMS-TBI project systems”

10:00 Dr Soojin Park (New York, USA): “How to remove EVD artefacts from ICP measurements”

10:15 Dr Giada Cucciolini/Dr Virginia Motroni (Cambridge, U.K.): “The challenges and value of full multimodal neuro-monitoring in TBI”


10:30 Coffee break

Part 2 – Chair Prof Ken Brady (Chicago, USA)

11:00 Prof Marek Czosnyka (Cambridge, U.K.): “Confessions of the oldest user of ICM+”

11:15 Luke Lu (Melbourn, Australia): “Tackling multicentre inteventional trial of PbtO2, BONANZA, data collection and curation pipeline”

11:30 Dr Pierre Bourgoin (Nantes, France): “Monitoring cerebral autoregulation during paediatric cardiac surgery: new insights and perpectives”

11:45 Dr Josef Skola (Usti Nad Lebem, Czech Republic): “From curiosity to the first paper about PRx.”

12:00 Dr Erta Beqiri (Cambridge, U.K.): “Embracing the big data, or how do I analyse my thousand patients”

12:15 Prof Celeste Dias (Porto, Portugal): “10-years experience of CPPopt-targeted management”

12:30 Prof Bart Depreitere (Leuven, Belgium): “In search of the true nature of the limits of cerebral autoregulation”

12:45 Dr Olivier Baledent (Amiens, France): “L’énigme des compliances cérébrales, or what can we learn from pulse  waves of CSF pressure and cerebral pulsatile volumes, the REVERT study”

13:00 Dr Agnieszka Kazimierska (Wroclaw, Poland): “Real time tracking of brain compliance using AI python tools in ICM+”


13:15 lunch


The meeting is sponsored by Integra Lifesciences.