ICM+ Advanced Neuromonitoring workshop is coming back to Cambridge, 1st September 2024, as a satellite to INTS 2024 meeting, 20 years after ICM+ was first launched by Cambridge Enterprise!

As announced in our last New Year’s Newsletter email, we are organising this year an ICM+ Advanced Neuromonitoring workshop, also introducing Moberg Analytics Cloud Platform integration.

The workshop will be run as a 1-day satellite event immediately preceding the bi-annual International Neurotrauma Society (INTS) meeting, taking place at Robinson College, University of Cambridge, on the 1st September 2024.

Registration to the ICM+ workshop is handled through the INTS 2024 meeting website (https://openingdoors.eventsair.com/ints2024/registration) , however, participation/registration to the main meeting is not required. As before, we have kept the fees to absolute minimum, at £100, to cover the venue costs. Please note that the number of places in the workshop is strictly limited (only 70 places available) and thus the registration fees are not refundable.

The workshop will generally follow a well-established programme of previous similar events of ours and will include the following parts:

  1. Data acquisition: 

    The participants will practice setting up a data acquisition pipeline for high resolution neuromonitoring data from a selection of devices. The key practical concepts will be discussed in details, including aspects related to multicentre projects and trials. The whole data flow pathway will be explored, from bed-side monitors, data annotation to data archiving, and subsequent data anonymisation and upload to a central repository using Moberg Analytics Cloud Platform.

  2. Data curation/exploration/analysis:

    In this section the participants will engage in data exploration and analysis using ICM+. All the exploratory/analytical aspects of ICM+ will be exercised, from the basics data browsing/summarising tools, to real-time analysis engine concepts, and all the way to the macro scripting tools and Python plugin integration. We will put together real-time analysis configuration profiles for various derived metrics including indices of cerebral autoregulation and vascular reactivity, stressing importance of awareness, and where possible addressing, the impact of artefacts on those metrics. Methods for data curation will also be introduced and practiced, including tools provided by the Moberg Analytics Cloud Platform. In general, exercises will be prepared that cater to different levels of analytical skills and expertise in ICM+, from basic to advanced needs.

  3. Data interpretation:

    Case studies of multimodal monitoring with interesting patterns and clinical impacts will be explored and discussed. The participants will be able to apply the techniques learned/explored in the previous section to provided data samples, in order to arrive at more informed interpretations of the underlying physio/pathophysiological phenomena captured by the data.

  4. Big data and advanced analysis:

    In this ultimate section, methods for dealing with large collections of data sets will be presented and exercised. The whole pipeline of batch data processing will be applied, step by step, to a sample cohort of data sets. All the available tools for batch data analysis and reporting will be explored, including: batch calculation of secondary time series of derived metrics, batch exporting of the whole data or its sections, batch patient by patient, and period by period summaries extraction, batch export of individual charts’ data, batch event-orientated analysis and more. The participants will also be introduced to big data management tools in the Moberg Analytics Cloud Platform.

We will tailor the final detailed programme of the day to the needs and level of experience of the participants.  All levels of expertise are welcome. Those registered will receive a survey prior to the meeting.

The participants will be working in small groups using their own laptops. As ICM+ is a Windows desktop application, virtual desktops connections will be provided for those participants that do not come with Windows laptops (or at least with Windows installed on a virtualisation platform like Parallels). Demo/exercises connectivity to the Moberg Analytics Cloud Platform will be set up.

Come and celebrate our 20th Anniversary with us in our beautiful, historical city of learning.