A series of quick start guides to help new users start using ICM+. In here, you will find generic guides and presentations on how to use ICM+ and its most important features. You will also find SOPs tailored for specific monitoring devices.

The minimum hardware requirements for ICM+:

  • A modern laptop (or a PC) with Windows 7 or above operating system with a processor supporting SEE2 (or higher) instruction set (eg Pentium Core processors) with standard recommended memory and hard disk for the operating system.
  • The laptop should not be in general used to archive the data, so there is no requirement for large hard disks, a standard 512 GB would do nicely.
  • For data collection and real time analysis, the memory requirement is also modest and does not require extra space. 2-4GB is standard.
  • Touchscreen is recommended for data collection purposes, ideally a 2-in-1 laptop, with keyboard either detachable or flipable so that only the screen can be exposed to touch and cleaning.
  • Higher-resolution screens, i.e., at least half HD (1366 x 768) is recommended to accommodate more charts within one screen.
  • A Network port and several USB ports available for connecting monitoring devices using Serial-USB adapters.

Quick Start Guide for ICM+ -> Here you will find all of the basic knowledge that is needed to start using ICM+. Please refer to the 'ICM+ Tutorials for more in-depth tutorials about ICM+.